About Us


About SOL Thrive

SOL was founded in 2014 with a pure intent to allow more people to have an access to greater healthcare and change the existing status quo of how health has been perceived, acted on and treated. Ultimately our goal is to create better way to live better for everyone who comes to us.


Brand Vision

Better Ways to Live Better

We see integrative medicine being the future of medicine, which people are supposed to be healed through their mind, body and soul, and through root causes. With the things we do now, we would like to see us changing peoples’ health and mindset towards illnesses and prevention. Ultimately seeing them living a healthier and better life.

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Brand Mission

Constant Innovation and Education

We believe that the key to better health is to be proactive; to understand the body, listen to its needs and follow the signals it conveys. Which is why we make it our mission to share our knowledge through constant innovation and education. It is how we reach out to people, helping and healing them in every way possible so that they too, can live better and healthier lives.

Providing you with the best doctors for cancer care

Dr Stephanie Ann Sardar

Integrative Doctor

Dr. Stephanie is a Medical Officer at SOL Integrative Wellness with over a decades worth of experience in minor surgery, trauma and wellness, emergency medicine as well as health screening, prevention and regenerative medicine.

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Madam Low Siew Hoon

TCM Physician

Madam Low Siew Hoon is a professional Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician with more than 26 years of traditional scraping and over 12 years of experience in TCM cupping, acupuncture, bloodletting and Chinese herbs and natural remedies.