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SOL Cancer Treatment Fundamentals

How SOL Cancer Treatment Program Works?

In order to understand our treatment fundamentals, it is highly recommended to understand “what is cancer” [read first].​​


Brief introduction of our 3 cancer treatment fundamentals​​

As you would have already read about what makes cancer and cancer is when cells independently multiply and ferment glucose even in the presence of oxygen. This occurs when there is damage to the mitochondria, caused by toxin accumulation and stress from a poor lifestyle, food quality, EMF exposure (electromagnetic field), sleep disturbances, emotional imbalances and disturbed detoxification processes.


Therefore, it is crucial to reverse it through cleansing and detoxing the body so that your body does not encourage an environment for cancer cell to grow, in other words stopping your body from making cancer, making an environment that is clean and does not make cancer cell lives!


Poison apple tree analogy:

Tumor cells = poison apples

Cancer patient = poison tree


Tumor cells are like the poison apples, after cutting it off, it is merely addressing the effect or the symptoms of the poison environment namely the poison tree, if this is not corrected from the soil, the fertilizer and the internal environment of the tree, the very next season the poison apples will come back.


Apart from stopping the body from making cancer, at the same time we target the poison apples, namely the tumor cells but not harming the body through metabolic treatment. This therapeutic strategy produces a shift in metabolic physiology that will not only kill tumor cells but also enhance the general health and metabolic efficiency of normal cells, and consequently the whole body. We view this therapeutic approach as a type of ‘mitochondrial enhancement therapy’. This would help restoring redox homeostasis and reactivation of mitochondrial oxidative metabolism which are important factors in cancer treatment.

Lastly, we improve the immune system. As the immune system consists of white blood cells plus the organs and tissue of the lymphatic system. Its main job is to help the body to fight off disease and stay well. Our immune therapy will help the immune system to work harder and make it easier for it to get rid of the cancer cells at the same time complementing other treatments to work more effectively.


These three fundamentals of stop making cancer, target cancer cells and enhance immunity work concurrently during the journey of our cancer treatment program. The goal in our program is not just making sure our patients survive but being able to “THRIVE” and have better quality of life. (You can find out more in detail for each of the fundamentals by scrolling to the bottom of this page)


Our cancer program is for the committed because readiness for change is required

The program requires lifestyle and diet changes, that is where “School Of Life (SOL)” comes in, school of life teaches the way to live a healthy life, which is what you do not experience in conventional oncology. This is the education piece where you will learn throughout the journey with us, and school of life is part of every fundamental that we just spoke about and this will create the long term health impact for you.

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Check Out Our Treatment Fundamentals

Integrative oncology method of treatments involves stopping the body from making cancer cell, targeting the cancer cell but not the healthy cell and improving one’s immunity to fight the cancer cell.

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Stop Making Cancer

To change the body environment and biochemistry to stop it from feeding cancerous cells. 

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Target Cancer Cells

Metabolic treatment targeted specifically on cancerous cells and eliminate them without harming the body. 

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Enhance Immunity

Strengthen the immune system and replenish the body with essential nutrients to maintain healthy and prevent recurrence.

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School of Life

A program to educate our clients how to live healthily and happily; and acquire the correct knowledge about health.