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Stop Making Cancer

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How to Stop Making Cancer?

“Stop Making Cancer” is one of the fundamentals that we use in our treatment for cancer, you may not be able to understand WHY, if you haven’t read about our introduction [here].





If you do not stop making cancer, it doesn’t matter how good anyone is at getting rid of it, it will keep coming back. Remember the example of poison apples that we gave before, without turning the poison tree into a healthy tree, the poison tree will continue to grow the poison apples the very next season. In other words, without stopping to encourage your body from making cancer, the cancer is going to come back.


The usual goal of cancer that 99.99% of people think of


The usual goal unfortunately for patients and their oncologists are to getting rid of the cancer tumors, the way to define getting rid of it means to have a “clean pet scan” where cancer is not found, or they would call it undetectable, and when it is undetectable patients are said to be in “remission”.


No one really bothers understanding what remission really means. The dictionary defines remission as “reduction, decrease, lessening, diminution, cutback, and retardation.”


Pet-scan has its limitation in terms of detecting the size of cancer, and what conventional treatment cannot do is getting rid of cancer stem cell which is the seed to the cancer cells.


When cancer patients are told they are in remission, they would often think they are cancer-free, and whatever that happens later such as recurrence or relapse are thought of somehow as “bad luck”.


The truth is that, cancer stem cells will still remained after conventional treatments because they are impervious to the effects of these powerful, toxic therapies.


In fact, cancer stem cells constitute less than 1% of the cells in a tumor so when more than 99% of the tumor cells have been eliminated of course the scans are “clean”. But the tragic truth is that the ‘seeds’ remain.


“And all seeds need is a little water and fertilizer to begin growing and duplicating”


this would mean all the cancer needs for it to become more aggressive or relapse is through toxin accumulation from food, air, water, lifestyle habits, poor sleeping pattern, ineffective toxins removal, constipation, stressed, hormonal issues, too much exposure to EMF (Electromagnetic field), physical environments are all contributors to cancer

Our Goal


Instead of asking how to get rid of the cancer (how to get rid of the poison apples), the real question should really be how to stop making cancer (how to make the poison tree becomes a healthy tree again so it stops making poison apples) so that the cancer does not come back again and with better quality of life.


This is accomplished through the following:


  • Water or juice fasting (sometimes both)

  • Diet that supports healthy cellular functioning

  • Diet that starves cancer

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Exercise

  • Hormonal balancing

  • Meditation

  • Yoga/ tai chi/ chi gong


Most importantly, learning to live a healthy life, and how to go about that, that is why we created “School Of Life”, because we believe in teaching a person to fish, they benefit from it for life.


To continue reading our other 2 fundamentals, they are at the bottom of this page.

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