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Stop Making Cancer

How to Stop Making Cancer?

At first glance, the causes of cancer seem daunting. It appears that cancer can be caused by an almost unlimited number of carcinogens (cancer causing substances) in the environment as well genetic predispositions (weaknesses).

These carcinogens can range from viruses to chemicals in the water, wall paint, smoke, petroleum products, insecticides, radiation and a whole host of other sources. In fact, it takes volumes to list them all and we keep “discovering” new ones every day.

It’s like living in a “shooting gallery.”

Sooner or later, you get hit!

Furthermore, we are told that our “genes” (our DNA) are flawed and we are probably going to get cancer no matter what.

As a matter of fact, cancer cells are metabolically primitive. They are no longer capable of using oxygen like all other cells in the human body when they “burn” glucose (sugar) for energy and are therefore greatly handicapped.


This is not new information. The discovery that cancer metabolizes anaerobically (in the absence of oxygen) earned Otto Warburg the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931. When a cell is deprived of 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours, it will likely become cancerous.

Cancer cells have many other biochemical defects including deficiencies or complete absence of certain enzymes, such as catalase, leaving them quite primitive.

So, what are the conditions that need to be present in order for cells to be transformed into cancer cells?

To become primitive?

It is actually quite simple and straight forward:

  • Toxins accumulate

  • Cells become overwhelmed and are no longer able to defend themselves

  • Damage occurs to the mitochondria (oxygen driven energy factories within cells)

  • Damage eventually changes the DNA of the cell and mutation occurs

  • Adaptation results in loss of many important enzyme systems

  • Metabolic residue from these mutated, anaerobic cells results in an acidic environment

  • The immune system is unable to function adequately under these circumstances

  • Mutated cells divide which accelerates the acidic environmental changes

  • Electrical energy pathways become blocked and cells lose the ability to store energy


We think of three stages of cancer: Initiation, Promotion and Progression.

  1. Initiation can be thought of as planting of seeds.

  2. Promotion can be thought of as watering and fertilizing the seeds.

  3. Progression can be thought of as a continuation or non-stop proliferation (growth) of the same process transforming or destroying everything with which it comes into contact.

At any stage, the process can be halted by doing three things:

  1. Clean out the toxins.

  2. Provide the appropriate raw materials to build new, healthy cells.

  3. Re-establish adequate energy pathways to “drive and coordinate all activities.”

That is why in SOL, the first step in our cancer treatment program is always detoxification, improving oxygen circulation and reduce metabolic stress.

Reduce Metabolic Stress and Improve Overall Health

  • Anti-inflammatory diet of raw/living plant-based foods

  • Proper hydration

  • Balance hormones (thyroid, sex hormones)

  • Learn how to avoid environmental toxins

  • Increase mitochondrial function

Improve Circulation of Oxygen/Nutrients

  • Oxygen therapy

  • InfraRed Sauna

  • EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy)



  • InfraRed Sauna (sweat out toxins)

  • Lymphatic Drainage (manual and electro)

  • Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Improve liver health (coffee enemas, supplements, IVs)

  • Mind “detox”

  • Energy “detox” and enhancement (PEMF)

Call us to find out more about the treatment.

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