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SOL Cancer Treatment Program

Core Fundamentals in SOL Cancer Treatment Program

Stop Making Cancer

To change the body environment and biochemistry to stop it from feeding cancerous cells. 

Target Cancer Cell

Metabolic treatment targeted specifically on cancerous cells and eliminate them without harming the body. 

Enhance Immunity

Strengthen the immune system and replenish the body with essential nutrients to maintain healthy and prevent recurrence.

School Of Life

A program to educate our clients how to live healthily and happily; and acquire the correct knowledge about health.

How SOL Cancer Treatment Program Works?

SOL Cancer Treatment Program is established based on the 4 core fundamentals which is:

  1. Stop Making Cancer

  2. Target Cancer Cell

  3. Enhance Immunity

  4. School of Life

This is basically the pathway of how a cancer client will go through during their recovery here in our centre. Cancer is a disease that afflicts the body, mind, and spirit.


However, in many cases, conventional cancer treatment is solely focused on eradicating its physical traces. To truly heal and prevent cancer from coming back, it is vital to pursue a path of integrated cancer treatment.

Our patients go through a deep cleansing process to change the body’s biochemistry so that it no longer becomes a suitable host for cancer cells to feed upon, grow and spread.

Conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy kill even the healthy cells, which is why it also weakens the body. Our metabolic treatments target cancer cells without harming the body and ensures better recovery.

Immune treatment for cancer is vital to strengthen a weakened immune system. We focus on nutrition to enhance the body’s ability to attend to the causes of impaired immunity. Immuno oncology places emphasis on our biological design so that the body can eliminate cancer instead of just focusing on cancer as a disease, with little to no regard for its impact on the rest of the body.

Based on the comprehensive cancer care program developed by Dr. Thomas Lodi, we include a re-education aspect to our treatment program. This holistic healing journey is designed to change our patients’ knowledge base when it comes to health, to empower them with skills for a life of health, and to allow them to truly experience sustainable health.


If you are looking for an alternative cancer treatment center in Malaysia, SOL Integrative Wellness Centre is the right choice for you.

Call us to find out more about the treatment.

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