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Lydia's Story on coping with Breast Cancer

"SOL Cancer Treatment Program helped me stay healthy and even look younger throughout my mastectomy, chemo and rads. Never got sick in my journey to fight cancer!"

- Lydia Poh, 52

Breast Cancer Thriver - Lydia's Story

​In 2016, I had a Thermography screening in SOL and the result showed that there was something not right going on in my left breast. I was advised to go for a second check with my breast surgeon and he did an ultrasound for me but there was nothing physical or any symptom found. 6 months later, I did another screening with the doctor again and the result showed the same, I’m alright. So, I went on with my life without giving enough attention to the problems.

And 2 years later which is in mid of 2018, the result of my annual check-up in hospital shocked me! I was diagnosed with breast cancer, confirmed at stage 3. The cancer spots are exactly the same as indicated in my Thermography result 2 years ago! I was lost and scared. I do not know what can I do about it and at that moment, I decided to come back to SOL and seek guidance from Dr Hasveni.

I'm very committed to the customized cancer treatment program in SOL and follow tightly on what Dr Hasveni advised me to do. With the help from the treatment, I never got sick or unwell throughout my tough journey in bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


In fact, many of my friends said I do look healthier and younger! I’m really grateful of what SOL had provided me, building up my immune system to enable me to get through all these challenges. And the emotional support by Dr Hasveni and the team really plays a big part in my recovery which I think I would never receive from the conventional institutions.

Once again, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to SOL, Dr Hasveni and the team who helped me along my journey! Thank you!

Case Summary

Age: 52


Left breast carcinoma (multicentric invasive lobular carcinoma with lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS))

Medical History:

Bilateral mastectomy - Chemotherapy - Radiotherapy


- Improved immune system - Look healthier & younger - More positive and emotionally stable - Successfully went through conventional invasive treatments without getting sick - No more constipation

Capture 2.PNG

Robert's Story on coping with Colorectal Cancer

“We came here all the way from Australia. And my tumour shrank within 5 weeks. It’s an amazing journey and we are grateful! We come with a smiling face and go back with a smiling face!

 Robert Charles Nooris, 63

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Colorectal Cancer Thriver - Robert's Story

*Robert was not able to speak well during this interview (due to ministroke) so his wife Frada joined the session and shared with us their experience here in SOL Malaysia.


We came here from Australia to get treatment for Robert’s cancer (Colorectal cancer). It has been an amazing experience in SOL. People here are so kind and compassionate. I was impressed by the kindness. In this journey, there were ups and downs. But we learned from that, and keep things moving forward. And things always get better!


SOL Cancer Treatment Program gives you a real opportunity to heal with powerful protocol includes Metabolic Therapy, Nutritional Therapy and others which I already had in mind when I came. And we also learned a lot about other things and treatments that we did not know like EWOT, ELT and more which are great! When you put so many good things together, I am sure you can’t do that many things and not getting a result.


In 5 weeks’, time, Robert’s tumour had already shrunk! At that moment, we know we will have to continue in doing what we were doing, with more commitment. We were really happy about the result! And his pain in the body had stopped once he started his treatment here in SOL. That was a relief for him!


I think for us this has been an amazing journey and we feel that everything that had happened here helped Robert tremendously. And we will continue what we were doing here when we go home, with Dr Hasveni’s wonderful help and a book that teaches us everything we need to know about lifestyle, supplementation, diet and nutrition, mindfulness and more which I truly love. We will continue to heal.


And this has been a healing journey not only for Robert but myself too. And for Robert, it is going to be a new life and healthy life. We have learned a lot about how to be healthy and how to not cause cancer which is very important.


We went through the mainstream in Australia which we weren’t too happy about and we did not really believe the way they work with cancer as I was doing some research and I had already studied some in America and discovered a lot of information about cancer treatment. And we travelled around and had interviews in all different places. After listening to Dr Thomas Lodi and we looked at everything that he provided, Robert said that’s what I want to do!


So we decided to ring up and gave in into this program. This has been very amazing!


For the last 2 months, with all the different treatments and procedures Robert had in SOL, I think he had got a huge chance of really being cancer free and he will continue to get better! We are really grateful for that! And we are grateful to everybody! The people here are really wonderful and we will miss the people for sure.


We are looking forward now to a better life and we have known how to implement things after the “training” here in SOL.


And I’m sure we will keep in contact with Dr Lodi, Dr Hasveni and SOL. This is really an amazing and we are grateful and thankful!


My message to all the other cancer patients is that don’t think there is only one way. There are always something out there to help like the natural therapies. Vitamin C helps boost your immune system, heal cancer and so much more that we do not know. In Australia, people just do not know about these. We have been telling people about SOL and the treatments and we even share to the people we met in hospital! We had definitely recommended SOL to people as we think this is really a great place, great facility with great people.

Case Summary

Age: 63


Colorectal Carcinoma

Treatment in SOL:

Customized SOL Cancer Treatment Program


The hypermetabolic rectal mass shows mild interval reduction in metabolic activity and size in 5 weeks.

Robert's Scan before Begins Treatment in SOL

Robert first scan.png

Robert's Scan during Treatment in SOL - Tumour size reduced

Robert's Pet scan result crop.png

Shirley's Story on coping with Breast Cancer

My cancer recurred after 10 years. I had cancer in my bones, liver, breast and now it is all gone, no tumors!

-  Shirley

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