Cancer-Targeted Treatment

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Target Cancer Cells

“Target Cancer Cells” is one of the fundamentals that we use in our treatment for cancer, you may not be able to understand WHY, if you haven’t read about our introduction [here].





Metabolic therapies utilize a detailed understanding of the biochemical and physiological properties of cancer to design therapies that challenge cancer cells based upon their limitations and capabilities, whereas the non-cancerous cells do have the necessary enzymes so that these therapies either are actually beneficial or at least do not produce any harm at all. These are NON-TOXIC THERAPIES!


That is, by knowing which enzymes a cancer cell has and does not have, a therapy can be administered that will require the cancer cell to do something that it simply cannot do because it does not have those enzymes and the result is, it dies.


Conversely, non-cancerous cells (healthy cells) do have those enzymes and can easily manage what is happening.


The result of this kind of therapy?


The cancer cells die AND no damage to healthy cells, tissues and organs.


Below is a partial list of our metabolic therapies that have been found to be safe and effective.


  • Insulin Potentiated Therapies

  • Botanical Therapies (many types and combinations)

  • Oxidative Therapies

  • High dose vitamin C

  • Curcumin

  • Artesunate

  • DCA  

  • State-of-the-art laser therapies

  • Hyperthermia

  • Metabolic therapies developed in Japan



Most importantly, learning to live a healthy life, and how to go about that, that is why we created “School Of Life”, because we believe in teaching a person to fish, they benefit from it for life.


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Integrative oncology method of treatments involves stopping the body from making cancer cell, targeting the cancer cell but not the healthy cell and improving one’s immunity to fight the cancer cell.

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Stop Making Cancer

To change the body environment and biochemistry to stop it from feeding cancerous cells. 

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Strengthen the immune system and replenish the body with essential nutrients to maintain healthy and prevent recurrence.

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School of Life

A program to educate our clients how to live healthily and happily; and acquire the correct knowledge about health.