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Enhance Immune System

“Stop Making Cancer” is one of the fundamentals that we use in our treatment for cancer, you may not be able to understand WHY, if you haven’t read about our introduction [here].


Immuno-Therapy for Cancer


Immune function is referred to as a system because immunity is the concerted effort of a myriad of tissues throughout the body with the unified, singular goal of protecting the entire organism, like instruments in an orchestra harmonizing perfectly to produce the symphony.


It consists of organs such as the spleen, glands, specialized tissues embedded in organs, lymph nodes and cells found in the blood, connective tissue, and the extracellular fluid. The extracellular fluid (or matrix) is the medium in which all cells have their existence as schools of fish in an aquarium to produce a synchronized, divinely harmonic effect.


This cascade of immune system responses begins in the mouth and extends throughout the body with the ultimate consequence of producing specialized cells (natural killer cells, T-cells, and B-cells), whose function is to locate and eliminate foreign substances in the body, whether they be chemicals, organisms, dead cells or defective cells.


The immune system has 2 broad functions:


(1) Defending your body’s health

(2) Maintaining your body’s health


If your body’s maintenance requirements become extensive, very little resources remain for defense of your health.  This is why some people develop cancerous tumors while others’ bodies destroy cancerous cells soon after they emerge.


With Cancer Patients


The most effective strategy that cancer cells employ in order to survive is to inactivate and block the immune system.


The way that cancer cells accomplish this is by producing and releasing many chemical substances, such as interleukins (IL), cytokines, and other fundamental molecules that block the immune system at very critical points.


When this happens specific immune cells that are designed to destroy cancer cells can no longer recognize them or inactivate them. The immune system, in effect, becomes “hypnotized” and “sleepy” and “sluggish” (lazy).


There are many, many more activities undertaken by cancer cells that participate in this “mutiny” against the body. Cancer cells produce close to 50 different cytokines, interleukins and chemicals that very effectively prevent the immune system from destroying the cancer.


Our immune treatments are as following:


  1. Proper nutrition and supplements that are high in anti-inflammatory compound

  2. Improving the gut health

  3. Mindfulness and Meditation

  4. Reducing the burden of chronic micro infections

  5. Stimulate WBC (White Blood Cell) production

  6. WIMHOF method



Most importantly, learning to live a healthy life, and how to go about that, that is why we created “School Of Life”, because we believe in teaching a person to fish, they benefit from it for life.

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