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Diet & Nutrition

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Why Diet & Nutrition is Important?

What we eat, drink and inhale has a direct effect on our body. These can either nourish and feed us or can do the same for the cancer cells within our bodies. At SOL, we take diet very seriously as we believe starting a healthy, balanced diet for cancer treatment is the first thing we need to do.

The meal and nutrition plan includes several different types of dietary cleansing from ‘master detox’ to juice fasting to water fasting as well as specific diets designed to supply the necessary nutrients for building new, healthy cells while starving cancer cells. These diets vary from a broad raw, vegan diet to a raw vegan ketogenic diet which is very low in carbohydrate and sugar intake and high in essential fats such as are found in avocados, olive and coconut oils, nuts, sprouts and seeds. Depending on one’s needs and responsiveness to the treatment, we occasionally may use cooked food (fish, quinoa etc.) as well.

Apart from the meals and juices, we also nourish our patients with several organic supplements like kelp & nettle, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins. The supplements that we use very specifically either target cancer, enhance immunity or block hormones.

Raw Vegan Kitchen

The meals and juices offered in SOL are completely vegan and uncooked. The whole foods and raw diet help clients to get higher and denser nutrition, higher oxygenation of the bloodstream and easy digestive process. In some exceptional cases, we use cooked food for our clients from time to time.

Master Detox Program

This program is a juicing plan where the juices are made of vegetables and very few fruits with a low glycemic index. The master detox program at SOL aims to provide the most effective and deep cleansing results by flooding the body in nutrition and alkalinity.

Raw Vegan Ketogenic Program

SOL is one of the world’s first institutions that used the raw-vegan ketogenic diet for therapeutic purposes. The vast majority of the ketogenic diets consists of large meat and dairy consumption which has many side effects and collateral damages to our health. 

Water Fasting

One of nature’s most effective and prominent remedies that have been used by animals and humans is fasting. When we fast, the body stops working on many daily activities and focuses on the healing and repair of broken and deteriorated parts of the entire system. Thus, water fasting is an almost always used to diet for at least couple days or weeks for cancer clients, in order to promote ultimate detoxification and self-healing process.

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