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School of Life

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Sustainable Health

Perhaps one of the greatest lies ever perpetrated upon the human race is that ‘health is impossible, and disease is inevitable’.  In fact, this fundamental, false premise (belief) has so permeated our culture that we plan on becoming ill. We believe this so much that we purchase “health insurance” (disease insurance) since we WILL become sick.

When considering the above, it becomes clear that our formal education and the education we receive passively from our parents and social interactions train and prepare us for a life of sickness, doctors, and hospitals instead of an energetic childhood full of dreams and preparation for a vibrant adulthood and vigorous old age.

The problem is that this “program” of education and training works!  We visit doctors while still not ill to “prevent” the inevitable sickness lurking around the corner by taking synthetic chemicals (drugs and vaccines).

Unfortunately, these practices only serve to precipitate or hasten that which we are attempting to avoid. We become ill (as planned) and our doctor-visits increase in frequency and severity so that soon enough we find ourselves undergoing invasive, toxic procedures and ultimately are admitted to a hospital where we become unwitting victims of toxic protocols. This includes the oral administration of substances that they call “food”.

Consequently, aging is accelerated and the last portion of our shortened lives are spent suffering.

The prophecy is fulfilled … the ‘school of disease’ graduates almost all of its’ students.


In an effort to reverse these false teachings and re-educate people to the truth that ‘health is our birthright’, we have the School of Life program.

This school has a precise curriculum designed to accomplish the following:

A. Change the knowledge base (database)

B. Acquire skills to live a life of health

C. Experience health

A. Changing the knowledge base or “relearning” consists of lectures covering all the areas that serve as our fundamental belief system about life and health.

  1. Introduction to your ‘Earthsuit’ (body)

  2. What this ‘Earthsuit’ needs to function optimally

  3. How to acquire and satisfy the fundamental needs of the ‘Earthsuit’

  • Human food

  • Cleansing through fasting and liquid diets (juicing)

  • Waste elimination

  • Proper sleep habits and patterns

  • Stress avoidance and reduction

  • Environmental toxin avoidance

  • Modify relationship dynamics

  • Exercise

B. Each lecture will be associated with specific hands-on training regarding (acquire skills)

1. Identify and purchase human food (where and how)

2. Prepare foods without destroying the nutrient content

  • Uncooked tricks to make food taste as good as cooked food (8 entrees)

  • Dehydrating

  • Fermenting

  • Snacks (8)

  • Smoothies and drinks (8)

  • Sprouting

​3. Physical movement

  • Stretching and Body Movement

  • Breathing practices and exercises

  • Energy Expanding and Movement Exercises

  • Exercise

C. If all of the above is learned but there is no experience of health, then it remains theory. Theory does not change live, experience is necessary to bring life to theory, just as the breath is necessary to bring life to the body.

  1. Experience a juice cleanse or water fast

  2. Colon hydrotherapy twice per week

  3. Lymphatic drainage sessions manual and electro several times per week and rebounding

  4. Mindfulness

  5. Sleep early

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