Our Founder

Datuk Tony Wong

Founder of SOL Integrative Wellness Centre

Many years back a family member of mine had gone into couple of heart surgeries and had been on western medication ever since. Due to the side effects of the medication he was suffering from, the family was very worried. Therefore, we went around looking for alternative medicine and finally we arrived at a place overseas where integrative medicine was offered.


It came to my surprise what was being advised and given was about lifestyle changes, food, exercises and also supplements and herbs with combination of radiation-free technologies, meantime, professionals like Chinese medicine practitioners, naturopath, doctor, and homeopath were all working together to solve his one health problem. After a couple of months, he successfully replaced all his medication and his health got into much better shape.


Due to this experience, it triggered me to look around for answers as to what wellness is about and at that point I also pay more attention into Malaysia market, and found out this appeared to be a new concept and none was being offered then. A one stop integrative wellness centre that offers the best in eastern and western natural medicine, at the same time providing synergistic solution to clients’ condition as well as convenience.


Throughout the journey, we have only got one mission, which is first to educate the public about how integrative medicine can help in sustaining wellness and how it can help in chronic illnesses as well as in cancers. At the same time, constantly thriving in improving ourselves in terms of innovation and providing better health solution to everyone who are ill or seeking to enhance one’s health.


Recently, we have also gone into venturing into new products of our own, which is a superfood known as “Moringa” a highly nutritious superfood that has been used for centuries in health enhancement and treatment applications. Due to the experience I had gained in this field, I realized many people got sick due to nutritional deficiency, therefore, I went into looking for a food that could help with this situation. Then I found Moringa. A superfood that is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidant!


All these, to achieve our vision of creating better ways for everyone to live better.