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Our Founder


Datuk Tony Wong

Founder of SOL Integrative Wellness Centre

Many years ago, a family member of mine had gone into couple of heart surgeries and was on western medication for some time. Due to the side effects of the medication he was suffering from, our family members were very worried. Therefore, we went around looking for alternative medicine and finally we arrived at a place overseas where integrative medicine was offered.

It came to my surprise what was being advised and given was about lifestyle changes, food, exercises and also supplements and herbs with combination of other alternative treatments, professionals such as chinese medicine practitioners, naturopath, medical doctor, and homeopath were all working together to help him with his health problem. After a couple of months, he successfully replaced all his medication and his health got into much better shape.

Amazed by the great result of integrative medicine, my family decided to bring this concept back to Malaysia where there was no one doing it at that time, and I was given the responsibility to head the project. It is not easy to be a pioneer, we faced many challenges in the initial stage, but we strive to provide a comprehensive, less invasive and a more natural healthcare solution to all Malaysians - an one-stop integrative healthcare centre that practice true holistic medicine.

As time goes by, meeting up with many professionals in the field, doing more research and seeing patients’ health got better made me understand the need for this part of healthcare is huge not just in Malaysia but everywhere else in the world. I’m aspired to provide more to help in the healing journey of people suffering from illnesses and people who are looking for ways to achieve wellness and optimizing health. That is why we always work hard to develop new programs, services and bring in the latest technologies and subject matter experts to give the best to all our patients and clients.

There is a mass amount of untrue and confusing information about what integrative medicine can help in treating chronic illnesses. Due to the infancy stage of integrative medicine in this part of the world, I have decided to build a platform to provide real information about health and wellness and offer effective alternative treatment options that can truly heal and educate people towards restoration and wellness.

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