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Vivian Quah Lay Lay


Vivian Quah Lay Lay

Assistant Vegan Chef

Vivian received her Diploma (UK) in Plant-Based Nutrition from the School Of Natural Health Science, London. Even long before receiving her diploma, she made a conscious decision to change her nutrition to a plant-based vegan diet. Vivian began to see the positive benefits to her physique, health and even emotional mindset.  Her lifestyle embraced many changes that were for the better. Being the very creative person she is, she experimented with different vegetables and ingredients.  Recipes were a reflection of many family favourites as well as innovations, all revolving around being appealing to both the eye and palate, too.  In fact, many first-timers could not believe they were vegan dishes, too. Vivian is steadfast about using fresh organic ingredients to deliver that unique visual appeal, wholesome flavour and healthy alternative. Leveraging on her past experiences in design, wellness and having teamed up with other vegan chefs, Vivian can create memorable dishes that many people are now loving vegan food. Her signature menus are a true reflection of local fare with well-known international cuisine, too.

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