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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

SOL Thrive is a part of SOL Integrative Wellness Centre which is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We provide  integrative cancer treatment, maintenance, prevention and support needed throughout the journey of healing from cancer. (Scroll to the bottom for our credentials)
What we do here is to encourage your body to have a healthy environment that does not encourage cancer cell to grow, to target the cancer cells without harming the good cell and to enhance your immune system so that it can fight the cancer.

Ultimately our goal is to help you to not just survive but to thrive!

Who Are We

8 Reasons Why Choose Us

Advantages of this customized cancer treatment program

*Based on individual condition

Holistic Approach

Using holistic and integrative approach which takes care of many different aspects in healing like diet, mental support and etc.

Constant Education

Educate patients & the family members about well-being through workshops & daily activities.

For All Levels

Help patients who adopt full integrative program and support patients that prefer partial conventional treatment.

Quality of Life

Patients will get healthier, better stamina, appetite and more energetic.

Comfortable Healing Environment

34,000 sq.ft healing centre. Spacious and relaxing environment.

World-Renowned Doctor

Guided by world famous expert in Integrative Oncology - Dr Thomas Lodi

No Radiation

Do not practice conventional treatment that may cause harm to the healthy cells.

No Chemotherapy

No hair loss, sick traits or side-effects caused by conventional chemo.

Who Can We Help

Our program caters to individuals with different level of needs

Having cancer. Seek full alternative and holistic cancer treatments.

Already undergoing conventional cancer treatment. Need alternative treatment as support.

You are currently on remission / recurrence.

Not fit for conventional treatment anymore (e.g. chemo-resistance)

Advanced-stage cancer

Success Stories

Breast Cancer Client's Testimonial - Lyd

Lydia's Story on coping with

Breast Cancer

"SOL Cancer Treatment Program helped me stay healthy and even look younger throughout my mastectomy, chemo and rads. Never got sick in my journey to fight cancer!"

- Lydia Poh, 52

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-03 at 11.19.08 AM

Robert's Story on coping with

Colorectal Cancer

“We came here all the way from Australia. And my tumour shrank within 5 weeks. It’s an amazing journey and we are grateful! We come with a smiling face and go back with a smiling face!

-  Robert Charles Nooris, 63

Monosnap 2020-04-08 23-14-24.png

Shirley's Story on coping with

Breast Cancer

My breast cancer recurred with bone metastasis after 10 years. I had cancer in my bones, liver, breast and now it is all gone, no tumors!

-  Shirley

To name a few:

Breast Cancer

Lymphomas (all types)

Pancreatic Cancer

Leukemia (all types)

Lung Cancer

Prostate & Testicular Cancer

Bladder Cancer

Stomach Cancer

Colon & Rectal Cancer

Liver Cancer

What Types of Cancers We Treat

SOL Cancer Treatment Program are working well with all types of cancers due to the approach and the role of each aspect of the treatment. Apart from a few cancer types, all cancers are treated the same yet with a unique treatment plan regarding the diagnosis, stage, severity and individuals metabolism.

Our Treatment Fundamentals

Integrative oncology method of treatments involves stopping the body from making cancer cell, targeting the cancer cell but not the healthy cell and improving one’s immunity to fight the cancer cell.

Our Doctors & Therapists Featured on

Dr Daniel Beilin

Dr Daniel Beilin

Medical Advisor

Madam Low

Madam Low Siew Hoon

TCM Physician

Prof Ungku

Prof Dr Sir Ungku

Homeopathic Doctor

Dr Steph.JPG

Dr Stephanie Ann Sardar

Integrative Doctor

Ms Intan Baiduri

Ms Intan Baiduri

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapist

Dr Howard

Dr Howard Fisher

Scientific Advisor

Piyachai Teo.jpg

Mr Piyachai Teo

Breathing Technique Instructor


Dr Lim Ching Chiet

Integrative & Functional Medicine Doctor

Awards & Recognition

SOL is honoured to receive:

Malaysia Tourism Council Gold Award 2019 in the category of Best Wellness & Medical Tourism Centre

HR Vendors Awards.jpg
SOL is honoured to receive:

HR Vendors of The Year 2018 in the category of Best Corporate Wellness Provider and Best Healthcare Provider

SOL is honoured to receive:

Global Health & Travel Award 2018 as The Integrated Health and Wellness Service Provider of the Year

Malaysia Tourism Award.jpg
SOL is honoured to receive:

Malaysia Tourism Council Gold Award 2018 in the category of Medical & Wellness Tourism Centre


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