Do you know that cancer is not a deadly disease?


SOL Thrive is part of the SOL Integrative Wellness Centre can help you fight this disease with outstanding results!

Dr. Thomas Lodi has an outstanding record of 63% success rate compared to conventional treatment of 2.1%.


There are many scary things that can happen in life, but very few situations can be as heartbreaking and difficult to handle as a cancer diagnosis. Millions of thoughts cross our minds and we immediately think that our life is coming to an end. This is a perfectly natural reaction to a disease that is known to be extremely difficult to cure.

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The biggest problem with cancer is that integral treatments are not easily available to most patients. Cancer is a disease that may seem mysterious and difficult to figure out, but the truth is that effective treatments are available, and integrative treatments are giving people a much higher chance of recovery than ever before.


To fight cancer, you must stop making cancer!

The body creates all kinds of environments depending on our lifestyle, diet and general health. If your body creates an unhealthy environment, cancer and other diseases will thrive, but once the environment is optimized, the use of metabolic treatment targets the cancer cells and eliminates them without harming the body. The treatment is further reinforced by strengthening the immune system in order to prevent recurrence.

Cancer is both treatable and preventable!

There is no need to feel overwhelmed by this disease anymore. We have the ideal cancer treatment program to ensure optimal results. Some of the advantages include:

  • No need for hospitalization

  • More energy, better appetite and stamina

  • World-renowned doctor leads the program

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Prevent recurrence


Integrative cancer treatment is a reality that can change your life!








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