Make Your Own Plant-Based Milk – Sunflower Seed Milk

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Does any of you prefer alternative milk instead? Now there are more option on getting just milk to mix with your coffee. The alternative PLANT-BASED MILK is also making its way around kitchen and cafes around the world.

Introducing Sunflower Seed Milk this season! It is one of the most affordable and easy to make homemade milk. This amazing homemade milk is satisfying and yet it contains a whole lot of amazing benefit for our body. However, it may have an earthy taste that’s not up to your liking. We’d suggest that you may add in some vanilla or honey to sweeten it up.

This sunflower seed milk is what you should be looking out for in your next purchase. It is hands down the cheapest option in the market and an underrated non-diary goldmine. Check out below for the list of benefit of sunflower seed milk:

- Plant-based

- Nutrient-packed (Vit E, Vit B, Selenium, Magnesium)

- Lactose-free

- Antioxidant

- Vegan-friendly

- Top food for Cancer patient

- Best alternative of animal milk

- Great for people who have allergy to nut milk

Besides that, we highly encourage people to consume non-diary milk as there are plenty of reasons as to why people should start avoid drinking dairy milk. Many recent scientific studies show the bad effects that is linked to milk consumption. Below are some of the reason as to why we should stop drinking milk.

1. Majority of human have stop producing lactase (the enzyme to break down lactose) at the age of 5.

2. Majority of the nutrients in milk has been pasteurized and stripped away in order to have a longer shelf-life

3. The nutrients in milk is synthetically added and this may lead to acid forming and inflammatory in our bodies

4. Most of the cows that was raised is given hormones and anti-biotics to produce more milk. We became the secondhand consumer.

Hence, it is wise to add an alternative milk into your diet plan instead. Here is how you can make it.


1. ½ cup (75g) sunflower seeds

2. 2 pinch of organic sea salt

3. 2 cups of filtered water

4. ½ teaspoon of organic vanilla extract

5. 1 fresh mint leave or some edible flowers

6. 1 piece of cheese cloth or muslin or kitchen cloth


1. Soak 75g of sunflower seed with a pinch of salt in half cup of filtered water for 8 – 12 hours.

2. Drain and rinse.

3. Place all the sunflower seeds, 2 cups of water into the blender and blend it

4. After 2 minutes, add 1 pinch of sea salt and ½ tablespoon of organic vanilla extract to blend it again till it looks smooth.

5. Garnish it with edible flower or fresh mint leave.

Try out this nutritious and delicious homemade sunflower seed milk recipe today as created by our raw chef, Mrs. Jane Lim. We are having a weekly workshop every Saturday and if you are interested please do give us a call or whatsapp us!

Hope you enjoy the recipe :)

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