Make Your Own - Raspberry Smoothie

Let’s cool off this hot summer with a quick and easy raspberry smoothie. Raspberries are not just deliciously sweet, but it also contains high vitamin C and antioxidants which provide great health benefits to your body. The blend of cold, sweet and healthy fresh raspberries is the best drink which you’ll be keen to add into your summer drink list after knowing how great it is for you.

The great thing about making your own raspberry smoothie is that you can control the amount of sweetener or the sugar for your drink. The red color of raspberries is high in antioxidant which can prevent cancer and other diseases. Raspberries is also naturally lower in sugar, yet high in fiber and nutrients.

According to, “We have an opportunity with berries to prevent or control carcinogenesis. It is a natural approach. It is a whole foods approach.” Besides that, it is no sugar added which can makes you feel good about drinking it. Check out the rest of the raspberries benefits right below:

- Cancer fighting and anti-inflammatory properties

- Maintain cardiovascular and eye health

- Improve fertility

- Boost mood, memory and immunity

- Weight loss

Raspberry smoothie


1/2 cup Frozen organic raspberries,

2 cup Organic sunflower seeds milk,

50g Organic beetroot

1/2 Organic avocado

1/2 Organic celery stick

2 tbsp Organic lemon juice,

50g Organic yacon

1 Tbsp. Organic chia seed

Toppings - Edible flower, raspberries, mint leaves


1. Place all vegetables (celery, yacon, avocado, beet root, chia seed, lemon juice, raspberries and sunflower seed milk) blend it till smooth.

2. Top it off with some raspberries or edible flowers if desired

3. Serve it immediately

Let’s get better each day. Eat healthy and stay healthy!

Try out this nutritious and delicious raspberry smoothie today as created by our raw vegan chef, Mrs. Jane Lim. We are having a weekly workshop every Saturday and if you are interested please do give us a call or whatsapp us!

Hope you enjoy the recipe :)

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