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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

What can we do with our food waste? Have you upcycle your food waste before?

Let the food waste and plastic waste have a second life to upcycle into a useful multipurpose solution product: Eco Enzyme. Eco enzyme is a multipurpose liquid which is made out from fermentation of organic waste.

It is very easy to do it and requires zero to minimum amount of money to help our mother nature with upcycling food waste to be a natural:

- insect repellent

- plant fertilizer

- mopping liquid

- kitchen cleaner

- clothes detergent

- insect repellent

Converting organic waste into eco enzyme is important for reducing the amount of organic waste piling up in the landfill. All of these waste produces harmful gases to health and environment on earth. Warning: the decomposition of these waste produces methane which has the capacity to trap heat 30 times more effective than carbon dioxide.

It is highly advisable that you should only use raw food to produce eco enzyme. For more benefits of the eco-enzyme is as below:

- Reduce pollution

- Save money

- Multiple usage

- Anti-bacterial, anti-fungus and anti-virus

- Purify river and sea water

- Natural pesticides

This eco enzyme can be done easily at the comfort of our own home. Check out on how to make your own eco enzyme down below:

Ingredients and equipment

1. 3 bowls of fruit scraps

2. 1 bowl of brown sugar

3. 10 bowl of water

4. An air tight container 


1. Cut and keep away all of your fruit scraps: 3 bowls of fruits scraps (preferably citrus fruit)

2. Cut all of the remaining fruit scraps into smaller pieces.

3. Measure and prepare 1 bowl of sugar (8 tablespoon of sugar) and dissolve it with 2 cups of water.

4. Mix all the sugar and food scrap into a plastic container and stir it well. Plastic material is preferred to avoid the container from exploding when gasses built up.

5. Close the container until it is airtight and label it with today’s date for an easy reminder.

6. Leave it for 3 months at a sheltered space.

7. Filter out the eco enzyme

8. Dilute 2 tablespoon of eco enzyme and 500ml water before using it.

9. Eco enzyme is a great substitute for household cleaning products.

Special thanks to our raw vegan chef, Ms Jane for her creative natural life hacks. If you are interested in our upcoming workshop please do contact us at 03-40226689 or WhatsApp us at https://wa.me/60162361679

For more information please call us at 03-40226689 or WhatsApp us at  https://wa.me/60162361679

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