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SOL Cancer Healing Program is established based on the 4 core fundamentals below which is:

  1. Stop Making Cancer

  2. Target Cancer Cell

  3. Enhance Immunity

  4. School of Life

We use an integrative approach to cancer treatment which means that we incorporate scientifically proven alternative treatments for cancer, a raw vegan plant-based nutritional focus, and natural healing modalities versus conventional medical services. This way, we can create an individualized and educational program that empowers patients to regain good health.


And we have different types of cancer treatments in an individualized cancer healing program, include metabolic therapies, immune treatments, adjunct therapies and mindfulness.


Our metabolic therapies include natural, botanically based substances that target cancer, based on cancer cells’ metabolic (enzymatic) limitations. Hence, the cancer cells die while the healthy cells are either completely unaffected or enhanced. 


SOL’s immune treatments are designed to improve the bodies capacity to do the job it was designed to do and eliminate unwanted visitors such as cancer cells.

We also have what are called Adjunct Therapies that assist the human body in cleansing itself. The body is a self-cleaning machine however, the system can become backed up and clogged at this point, additional assistance is needed when cancer is happening.


These therapies are colon hydrotherapy, EWOT (exercise with oxygen), the BEMER machine, coffee enemas and more to help further detoxify the body.

SOL is one of the few alternative cancer clinics that focus on mindfulness. Mindfulness is important for each person and helps support their healing journey. Calming the mind is just as important as the treatment and therapies we provide. They are powerful tools in terms of healing when combined effectively.


The ultimate goal is to change the biochemistry of each person here at our center so that they are no longer what cancer cells consider a suitable host.

If you are looking for an alternative cancer treatment center in Malaysia, SOL Integrative Wellness Centre is the right choice for you.

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