Our Treatment Approach

Integrative Treatment Approach

Integrative Treatment Approach

The Approach to Treating Cancer Starts with Belief
NOT Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

The word oncology means working with people that have cancer, integrative means to take two or more things and bring them together and make them work in harmony. Integrative oncology suggests taking all the different therapies, different cancer treatment approaches, different aspects of different healing disciplines and brings them together to work in the most effective and efficient way for each individual patient.

The healing disciplines that are involved in the picture are the ones that have withstood the passage of time which we know now as traditional.

These are; traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, North American, Native American medicine, African medicine, the common thread running through all these medicine cultures and techniques is that they have relied on nature, and leveraging nature’s healing potential to treat and cure.

Using all of these ancient medicine techniques, the integrative oncology approach aims to take the most effective part of each and integrate the conventional with the natural and traditional to form a treatment program that has achieved amazing results.

Cancer treatment programs in SOL Integrative Wellness Centre, we are bringing it all together and the consequence is, we have a program that really can be subdivided into three phases which we have found to be most effective.

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Equipped with integrated competencies, SOL combines modern technology and alternative healthcare concepts to bring you a diverse range of revolutionary cancer healing solutions.

Fun at Yoga
Stop Making Cancer

To change the body environment and biochemistry to stop it from feeding cancerous cells. 

Green Juice
Target Cancer Cells

Metabolic treatment targeted specifically on cancerous cells and eliminate them without harming the body. 

Woman & Doctor
Enhance Immunity

Strengthen the immune system and replenish the body with essential nutrients to maintain healthy and prevent recurrence.

Fresh Food
School of Life

A program to educate our clients how to live healthily and happily; and acquire the correct knowledge about health.

Chemotherapy basically kills everything in your body, no matter it's good or bad.