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7 Crucial Cancer Facts 

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What You Can Get from this Highly-Demanded E-Book:



Exploring the deep root of cancer. Understand what is cancer to help set your treatment goal right. The actual science behind cancer development. Do you know what fuels cancer cells?



Breaking down the misconceptions about cancer. Cancer is not bad luck or a bad gene. Find out why many patients "failed" at conventional treatment. What does it mean by "cancer-free"? Can we prevent recurrence?


Cancer happens for many reasons and NOT what oncologists always say - it's genetic. Discover the root causes of cancer in this book. And you would understand why a person who practices healthier lifestyle can still get cancer.



The most important aspect of cancer treatment is to stop making it, NOT only killing it. Explore what are the steps you need to take in order for you to heal. Some which you can DIY at home without cost, maybe with just a little bit of discipline & determination :)


Who says cancer patients can only take bland or dull food? Make your own healthy meals at home without sacrificing taste. Get the free unique recipes shared by our raw chef Jane, from this book. Try it today!



Sharing the latest information about integrative cancer treatment available in Malaysia. Treating cancer in a non-toxic approach besides chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Great for patients who do not want to suffer from the side effects of conventional treatments.



 Unveiling the very significant part in cancer healing which most of us ignore, or have never thought about – our emotions.

What is there to find out deep inside our mind? How these emotional influences affected our physical health. Find the answer here.

Download this E-Book by clicking the PDF Icon below here:

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Download this E-Book by clicking the PDF Icon below here:

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