Conventional Treatment For Cancer Versus Alternative Cancer Treatments

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

To understand the approach used by Dr Thomas Lodi for treating cancer, we must look at conventional treatment for cancer versus alternative methods. This is needed so people can see the difference and compare and contrast.

If people don’t see the contrast it might not make as much sense. In the conventional approach, the doctor goes to war against the tumor. They find out where the tumor is, pet scans are done, a biopsy is done, they look at the pathology and then they say “aha, there’s the enemy”.

We are going to kill the enemy. Then they go to war against the tumor. That is what conventional care does. The problem with them going to war on the tumor is that the battle is fought on the patient’s body.

All of the collateral damage is with the patient. You may eliminate the tumor but in the conventional model, the immune system is also eliminated. The patient loses their hair, they have lost their dignity and they feel terrible and are depressed.

What we have to look at is what is the goal? What do we view as a success for the patient? Do we want a shrunken tumor in a person whose health is declining with their immune system shutdown or do we want to help return that person to a state of health where they can live a normal happy life?

Restoring people’s health is the goal for all patients at SOL. We must change the paradigm. Instead of going to war against the tumor what we must understand is that the tumor developed in the body for a reason.

Tumors don’t just develop for one reason. Just like apples don’t grow unless you have an apple tree. A tumor is not going to grow unless the right conditions exist that allow it to grow.

It’s important to understand that the body is always doing what is necessary to maintain homeostasis or functional integrity. The tumor is a warning sign that things need to change, and a different path needs to be followed.

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