Make Your Own Plant-Based – Chia Pot

Do you know that chia seed is from mint family? What are your favorite ways to use chia seeds?

Chia seed is a base full of goodness as it has a great source of protein for vegetarians and it does not contain any cholesterol. These little super seed have got the highest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids.

According to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre, the studies have suggested the oil of these seeds has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to stabilize blood sugar and reduce the risk of fueling cancer cells. Studies also shown that eating the seeds can kill the cancer cells without harming normal healthy cells. The antioxidant found in chia seeds are known to prevent lung and prostate cancer.

They are easily available in supermarkets and can be consume in many different ways smoothie, shakes or pudding is all up to you. To get the most benefit out from chia seed is to add and mix with different ingredients. One of our favorite ways is to add it up with some milk and nuts to make it a filling snack for our diet.

Just two tablespoon of chia seeds contain:

- Fibre

- Protein

- Potassium

- Omega 3

- Calcium

- Antioxidant

- Magnesium

Check out for our full recipe down below:


1. 1 cup sunflower seed milk

2. 2 tablespoon of organic Chia seed ,

3. 1/4 tablespoon of organic vanilla extract.

4. Toppings - dragon fruits, kiwi, mix nuts, flower, Rosemary leave.


1. Pour all ingredients (chia seeds, sunflower seed milk and vanilla extract) into a jar.

2. Stir it and mix it well.

3. Let it settle for 20 minutes and then mix it very well again until you see no clumping.

4. When you are ready to eat it, top it off with your favorite fruits and topping or you may top it with the recommended toppings in our list.

Let’s incorporate them into your daily nutrition today! We hope that you like this go-to snack recipe as created by our raw chef, Mrs. Jane Lim. We are having a weekly workshop every Saturday and if you are interested please do give us a call or whatsapp us (:

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