Qigong Practitioner


Master Tan Soo Kong

Qigong Practitioner

Grand Master Tan Soo Kong, Founder of Wellness Medical Qigong is a professional Medical Qigong practitioner with more than 35 years of experience. He is on an altruistic and spiritual mission to promote and propagate Medical Qigong as a worldwide healing modality by sharing his knowledge, expertise and research findings with anyone deeply interested, committed and dedicated to contribute towards his mission. He has trained hundreds of professional Medical Qigong Therapists in over 20 countries; many of them are practitioners in hospital, clinic and wellness centre in the field of medical qigong.

Grand Master Tan is a sought-after speaker in seminars, congress, radio, and was featured in TV talk shows. His written articles are published in newspaper and magazines. Through years of research in The Healing Power of Medical Qigong and his outstanding contributions, Grand Master Tan earned a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in the field of Medical Qigong and Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicine (D.Sc. (AM)).

In Malaysia, the Ministry of Health and The Ministry of Human Resources acknowledge Grand Master Tan, as Qigong Industry Expert. He is instrumental in the drafting and evaluation of the National Occupational Skill Standard (NOSS) training syllabus for Qigong Therapy.

Grand Master Tan has a Wellness Centre, where his wife Master Connie practice alongside with him providing Medical Qigong consultations and therapy. He is also an advisor to Hospital Lam Wah Ee, Malaysia Herbal & Holistic Organisation, and Consultant to Himalaya Institute Hospital Trust and Cancer Research Institute of India; where he trained their personnel as well as medical doctors in the Art of Wellness Medical Qigong as complementary therapy to its Cancer patients.

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