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SOL Cancer Treatment Centre

High Success Rate Using Natural Healing Treatments
Reduced Side Effects, Low Recurrence Rate

SOL Cancer Treatment Centre offers a reliable treatment support system to heal and recover. We have proven alternative natural treatment options for cancer that makes it possible for you to have a successful recovery that results in good health, quality life, and prolonged life expectancy.

Many people have already benefitted from our integrated and holistic cancer treatments with reduced side effects.

  • Holistic and integrative approach

  • High success rate using natural healing solution

  • Low Recurrence Rate

  • Treatment customised to your individual needs

  • Reduced side effects, such as pain and vomiting

  • Recognized by Minister of Tourism & Health Authorities

  • Comfortable healing environment

(Book a consultation and get a personalised treatment plan that will start you on your path towards recovery.)


Who Are We

SOL was founded in 2014 to bring hope and greater health to everyone through the reversing of disease, cleansing and resetting of our health, and to achieve continuous health through the re-education and re-learning of the right health practices to keep our bodies free from disease through the rejuvenating of body, mind and spirit.

Types of Cancers We Treat

Our SOL Cancer Treatment Programs are working well with all types of cancers due to the approach and the role of each aspect of the treatment. Apart from a few cancer types, all cancers are treated the same yet with a unique treatment plan regarding the diagnosis, stage, severity and individuals metabolism. We treat all types of solid tumours and blood cancers.

Breast Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Lung Cancer

Bladder Cancer

Colon & Rectal Cancer

Uterine Cancer

Lymphomas (all types)

Leukemia (all types)

Prostate & Testicular Cancer

Stomach Cancer

Liver Cancer

Skin Cancers

Kidney Cancer

Brain Cancer

Head and Neck Cancers

Multiple Myeloma

Ovarian Cancer

Why Choose Us


Holistic & Integrative Approach

Our holistic and integrative approach targets and destroys cancer cells without harming the rest of your body


Comfortable Healing Environment

34,000 sq.ft healing centre. Spacious and relaxing environment.


World-Renowned Doctors & Therapists

Guided by world famous expert in Integrative Oncology, Dr Thomas Fisher, Dr Daniel Beilin and, Dr Isaac Eliaz, our team consists of medical doctors, experts and therapists

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Personalised Treatment

Individually personalised treatments to target cancer cells and personalised recovery plan to return your body, mind and spirit back to health.


Reduced Side Effects


Our treatment process allows your body heal naturally, reducing side effects such as pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue.


School of Life Education

Re-educate patients & the family members about wellbeing through workshops & practical hands-on activities.


No Radiation / Chemotherapy

We do not practice conventional treatments that may cause harm to the healthy cells.


Quality of Life


Patients will feel healthier, stronger, better stamina, more appetite and energetic.

Who We Can Help

SOL Integrated & Holistic Cancer Treatment

Our Integrated Treatment Approach is a comprehensive treatment of the cancer disease by combining various medical modalities and complementary therapies in a strategic way to promote natural healing and lifelong wellbeing.

Our Holistic Treatment Approach treats your entire body as a whole unit, not just focused on killing the cancer cells in isolation (unlike traditional chemotherapy and radiation which kills cancer cells but also leaves the rest of your body ravished). Our holistic treatment induces natural healing and nurses the whole body and all the organs back to normal, so that the body can function optimally again, and to continue doing so for a long time.


Our Integrated and Holistic Treatment is very effective when combined to get rid of the cancer cells and to nurture you back to health. This strategic combination is proven to reduce the side effects such as pain, nausea and vomiting, rebuild your weakened immune system, and restore your wellbeing so that you can feel whole and happy once again.

Integrated Treatment

Comprehensive attack against cancer by combining various medical modalities and complementary therapies.

Holistic Treatment

Treats the body as a whole unit by nursing and nurturing the whole body, mind, spirit and soul back to regain complete health.

SOL Cancer Treatment Program

Our integrative and holistic oncology method of treatments involves stopping the body from making cancer cell, targeting the cancer cell but not the healthy cell, improving one’s immunity to fight the cancer cell, and educating our clients on how to live happily and healthily to enjoy an increased quality of life.

Understanding What is Cancer

Cancer cells are abnormal cells which lose 40-60% of their mitochondrial function and resort to the process of fermenting glucose which produces energy without oxygen. When a cell is deprived of 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours, it will likely become cancerous. Once this happens, the DNA will turn on oncogenes to  accommodate this new metabolic requirement. Cells that are chronically fermenting glucose for energy are known as cancer cells.

The root cause of healthy cells becoming damaged and losing its mitochondrial function can be any or all of these following such as toxin accumulation and stress from a poor lifestyle, food quality, EMF exposure (electromagnetic field), sleep disturbances, emotional imbalances and disturbed detoxification processes.

SOL Cancer Healing Process

Stop Making Cancer

Conventional toxic therapies are not able to fully get rid of cancer stems cells. It it crucial to reverse cancer through cleansing and detoxing the body so that your body does not encourage an environment for cancer cell to grow, and make an environment that is clean so that the cancer cells do not come back through therapies such as water or juice fasting, diet that supports healthy cellular functioning, diet that starves cancer, Lymphatic Drainage, Colon Hydrotherapy, Exercise, Hormonal balancing, Meditation and yoga/ tai chi/ chi gong.

Target Cancer Cells

We target the cancer cells without harming the body through metabolic treatment. This therapeutic strategy produces a shift in metabolic physiology that will not only kill tumour cells but also enhance the general health and metabolic efficiency of normal cells, and consequently the whole body. We use Mitochondrial Enhancement Therapies such as Insulin Potentiated Therapies, Botanical Therapies, Oxidative Therapies, High dose vitamin C, Curcumin, Artesunate, DCA, State-of-the-art laser therapies, Hyperthermia, and Metabolic therapies developed in Japan.

Enhance Immunity

Cancer cells inactivate and block the immune system. We improve the immune system to help the body to destroy the cancer cells so that you can stay well. Our immuno-therapy will help the immune system to work harder and make it easier for it to get rid of the cancer cells while complementing other treatments to work more effectively. Our immune treatments include proper nutrition and supplements that are high in anti-inflammatory compound, improving the gut health, mindfulness and meditation, reducing the burden of chronic micro infections, stimulate WBC (White Blood Cell) production and the WIMHOF method.

School of Life

Throughout our lives, we have been passively conditioned to think that disease in inevitable. We need to re-educate ourselves that health is our birthright through the re-learning of our knowledge base and acquire skills that are required to live a life of health. Our School of Life includes lectures and practical hands-on training that enables you to experience good health and make it a way of life so that you can keep your body living healthy and free from disease.

Our World Class Facilities

(Book a consultation and get a personalised treatment plan that will start you on your path towards recovery.)

Our Acclaimed Doctors & Therapists

Our team consists of Doctors and Practitioners across different backgrounds and expertise who work together to synergise and integrate solutions to best help you return to health.

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