Jane Lim

Jane Lim

Raw Food Dietician

Jane Lim, is a practicing Raw Food Dietician in SOL Integrative Wellness Centre based in Kuala Lumpur.  She is also the Founder of Jane’s Living Food, famous for her amazing coconut rejuvelac and coconut yoghurt. Her passion in plant-based diet sparks 20 years ago and she and her son have been on plant-base lifestyle since 1998.

Jane's experience in New Zealand as a Plant-Based Raw Food Chef and Organic Remedies Advisor enabled her to explore different preparation skills and develop interesting recipes inspiring by the Western and Asian cultures.


Equipped with strong creativity and extensive knowledge in raw food, Jane is able to prepare highly nutritious, pretty and delicious raw meals.

Jane is very passionate about environmental sustainability and holistic lifestyle and her main goal in life is to empower people by connecting them to the healing power of nature through raw food. Her philosophy is "love yourself " which can be reflected in her nutrient-rich and gorgeously presented raw food goodness.


Jane is enthusiastic in sharing her knowledge in plant-based organic living and well-being. She will be having workshops from time to time to share her experience with plant-based food lovers, health-conscious public, chronic illness patients, as well as cancer patients.

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