Chan Cudennec

Chan Cudennec

Vegan Chef and Nutritionist

Before transitioning into healing work, raw chef Chan Cudennec worked as a senior executive in Finance and Banking and several international banking institutions. She then became a corporate leadership coach and began focusing on executive coaching in which she developed deep insights into the stress levels of senior executives and how to work with them. When faced with health challenges in infertility, Chan embraced a holistic approach and became fascinated with how the body heals and thus began her journey as a practitioner.


At present, Chan is certified under the SAHAMM Nutritional Certification Programme, examining holistic non-invasive ways to restore health for seriously ill patients. Aside from the certification, Chan is also trained in raw chef cuisine, focusing on healing from chronic illness, specifically cancer, at the Institute of Living Foods, USA and has since been showcasing raw food as gourmet healthy food in Hong Kong and Malaysia. She has also collaborated with HK-based French Raw chef, Tina Barrat and was also trained by Felix Schoener of the Farm at San Benito, Philippines.


From 2010-2017, Chan became the owner-operator of SOL Wellness (Sense of Life) in Central Hong Kong, providing bio-resonance therapy, counselling and nutritional therapy to clients. Chan is also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and is trained in a psychotherapeutic approach called Compassionate Inquiry (Canada) that helps clients realise the unconscious emotional issues that dictate their lives and how to liberate themselves from them.


What makes her different from most raw chefs is that Chef Chan practices what she preaches and puts a focus on clients' needs to develop a relationship with them as she believes in a collaborative process between her and the client.


At SOL Integrative Wellness, Chan contributes her expertise as a Consultant Nutritionist with a focus on raw plant-based food, helping clients to transition to raw food by providing a blend of cooked and raw options, as well as her counselling abilities to psychologically shift the attitudes of clients.

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